Why “ionwave” recovers smartphone battery

Have you ever used a mobile phone for 2 years and wished that the battery that lasted for 2 days could last for 1 day?
There are many ways to extend battery life, such as stopping charging at 80%, but don't worry about that, just use this "mysterious solvated electron water (“ionwave”) that recovers lithium batteries and reduces deterioration." It's easy to use. Simply place the “ionwave” (former product name: Breakthrough) under your smartphone or wireless charger while charging!


  1. Longer battery life for your smartphone!
  2. The ion electron moves to the lithium ion battery and the battery of the smartphone recovers

Longer battery life for your smartphone!

Our staff has been using his smartphone for 4 years and has a 100% battery charged in the morning and a 20% battery remain in the evening, He has been using “ionwave” for about 10 days, Surprisingly, it recovered from 100% in the morning to 30% remain at noon the next day. It was very big surprise!
Therefore, even if the battery is still new, you can prevent deterioration by using “ionwave” while it is new.

And the other staff who is using a new smartphone felt that her smartphones were getting hot while charging, but when using “ionwave”, there was no heat generation. So, you may not feel the extended battery life right away, but you can feel the heat difference at the first use.

In addition to smartphone batteries, as long as the small lithium-ion batteries can be used for a mobile product such as walkie-talkies, intercoms, shavers, wireless earphones, etc. It also works for nickel-metal hydride batteries in electric toothbrushes.

Battery life is about 1 year with daily charging. Please consider that it will take about 4 months for a family of 3 to charge 3 times a day. If you continue to use and feel that the recovered battery is deteriorating, you can replace it. However, since the battery also has a service life, please understand that it is not possible to eliminate the service life.

It's very easy to use the “ionwave”, just place it under the charging smartphone, under the wireless charger, and under the charger.

Usage example 1:“ionwave” installed under the smartphone being charged

Usage example 1

Usage example 2:“ionwave” installed under the wireless charger

Usage example 2

Usage example 3:If it is unstable, put the “ionwave” in a box or the like and place the device on top of the box.

(Outer box is optional)

Usage example 3

The ion electron moves to the lithium ion battery and the battery of the smartphone recovers

But you think it's weird, right? I think that's normal. I wonder if there is such a thing...

Let me explain the principle.
This mysterious electronic water is water that contains "Solvated electrons". Simply put, it is water that contains ionized electrons that cause deterioration of lithium-ion batteries. During charging, these electrons move to the lithium-ion battery and are replenished, gradually recovering the battery of the smartphone.

So why? I think so.
You can't see it, so it's natural to think so, but have you ever heard that negative ions make you feel good when you go near a waterfall or in a forest? There are products that block pollen just by spraying, but that might just be water, right? But it's an ion transparent veil that contains patented technology ingredients and special blocking ingredients.

Now, the reason why the energy of the reducing element of the electron can be transferred by placing the “ionwave” solvated electron water pack close to the battery can be explained by the state-of-the-art theory of quantum mechanics.
Through the following scientific process, it has been confirmed that it works well for various types of sealed secondary batteries.
“ionwave” utilizes technology to generate solvated electrons that can exist stably in water for a long period of time. Solvated electrons have the rare property of forming pairs at room temperature, which is different from Cooper pairs. When fermions of the same kind form pairs, they behave as pose particles, and they all behave in the same way.
Since fine particles such as electrons have strong wave properties, solvated electron pairs affect the surroundings as waves that retain strong energy. "Equipment" = “ionwave” eliminates charge and discharge inhibitors in secondary batteries, and strongly reduces oxides such as SEI (oxidation is a reaction that loses electrons) of lithium ion batteries as waves instead of particles. have an effect.
In addition, as a feature of the solvated electronic water pack (“ionwave”), even if there is an insulator between the battery and the device, it does not affect the action because it is an energy wave instead of a particle, so it can be used as a wireless charger. It can also be used by installing it under the Qi or charger.

Energy transfer process of reducing elements

Electrons (fermions) behave as discrete particles.
Solvated electrons in which electrons are solvated have the property of forming pairs.
When fermions of the same kind form pairs, they behave as bosons.
Therefore, electrons can be used as waves to supply reducing element energy.

And the solvated electrolyzed water used in “ionwave” is also made with patented technology.
The patented technology is a long-term confinement of solvated electrons.
Based on the patent No. 3463660 edible oil oxidation prevention method and device, it became possible to dissolve the sulfation of lead batteries for the first time in the world. It is a patented technology that applies this technology to extend battery life and improve charge/discharge characteristics to improve battery performance.

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To explain a little more, the cause of heat generation and deterioration of lithium-ion batteries is that the electrons of the Li element (0.08 eV) are used (discharged), and the electrons of the Cu element (0.07 eV) are returned during charging. is. "ionwave" is a revolutionary new technology that makes the contained 0.7 eV solvated electrons act on the battery during charging.

How lithium-ion batteries work

How lithium-ion batteries work

Precautions for use

  • Batteries have an expected life. Batteries that have expired are not effective and cannot be used. Please use a battery that is currently available or a new one.
  • There are individual differences in the effect, so recovery is not guaranteed.
    Do not open and drink
  • For disposal, pierce the pack and discard the water inside, and dispose of the pack separately with non-burnable garbage.
    (The materials are nylon, polyethylene, and aluminum foil. Please dispose of them according to the regulations of each municipality.)
Extends battery life by simply placing it under your phone when charging. Prevents heat generation during charging
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